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At Greenway, our Science learning is ambitious. It aims to develop children’s curiosity and creativity through providing a practical approach to learning. The Science Curriculum fosters a healthy curiosity in children about our universe and promotes respects for living and non-living things.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that children are able to obtain key scientific knowledge through practical experiences: using equipment, conduction experiments, building arguments and explaining concepts confidently. Cross-curricular opportunities are also identified, mapped and planned to ensure contextual relevance. Our children are encouraged to be curious about their surroundings and a love of science is nurtured through the whole school.

Children are given multiple and purposeful opportunities to discuss not only their learning but also to express their understanding of concepts taught. Pupil voice is an integral part of science and is used to further develop the Science curriculum, through questioning of pupil’s views and attitudes to Science to support the children’s enjoyment of science and to motivate learners.