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We aim to engage all our pupils in a rich, immersive reading curriculum, so that they can become confident and enthused about reading; through this comprehension will develop, alongside a life-long love of reading. We understand that this starts with the foundations of acquiring letter sounds, segmenting and blending. Phonics is a key skill that supports the development of early reading skills. The pupils have access to a range of text types and are provided with opportunities to discuss book preferences that foster and develop a positive attitude towards reading; enabling the pupils to select and choose books for their own enjoyment. We aim to ready our pupils with the necessary skills to continue their reading journey into their secondary education and further.

At Greenway Academy we use a published scheme called ‘Song of Sounds’ to teach Phonics. The pupils are taught 42 basic and 17 complex phonemes (sounds). They immediately learn to blend (merge sounds) and segment (break words up into sounds) using taught phonemes to enable them to read and write. Pupils are also taught to recognise and write ‘tricky’ words (those that cannot be sounded out) e.g. said, was, the.

Song of Sounds has a song at its heart that teaches children all of the phonemes necessary to read and write English successfully.