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Our Curriculum Intent Statement

Greenway Academy is a happy, safe, and engaging setting where children are motivated to learn in a range of ways.

Our broad and balanced curriculum is ambitious. It is taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners and is adapted to ensure that all children can achieve their full potential. Every child is recognised as a unique individual who is active in the learning process.

We structure our knowledge-rich curriculum around a centralised topic. It is well sequenced and reinforces prior learning as well as increases in cognitive complexity. It facilitates creativity and encourages children to think for themselves as well as become adaptable and resilient.

By the time our children leave Greenway, they will be articulate speakers who have the confidence and ability to express themselves fluently and grammatically in speech. Speaking and listening underpins our entire curriculum. We use talk partners in all lessons and ensure that children always have the opportunity to orally rehearse before putting pen to paper.

Research in cognitive science (The Simple Memory Model, Willingham 2009) tells us that learning is a change to long-term memory which happens over time. Bearing this in mind, at Greenway Academy, we gather formative assessment information about how well a pupil has grasped an individual learning objective. This will inform what needs to be taught - or retaught - in the next session. Teacher questioning, low stakes testing (quizzing) and whiteboard responses will support teachers when making these judgements. 

At the end of sequences of lessons or unit of learning, teachers will form judgements about how well a child has connected subject domain content. This will be evidenced a range of ways. In order to ensure this process is robust, the children in Y3 – Y6 will complete PiXL tests in Reading, SPaG and Mathematics which the teachers will analyse at question level.

In order to ensure quality first teaching for all learners, teachers and support staff have had training in key areas such as Reading, SPaG, Writing, SEND, Assessment and Planning. They also have a bespoke coaching plan which has been tailored to meet their individual strengths as well as areas for development.

As a result of the curriculum journey, pupils leave our school confident, knowledgeable and successful citizens ready to enter the next phase of their education.