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Communicating effectively in another language is a lifelong skill for education, employment, and leisure. At Greenway, we aim to foster pupil’s curiosity, deepen their understanding of the wider world and enable them to express their ideas and thoughts in another language. They come to appreciate the differences and similarities between people of different countries and thereby learn to value cultural diversity.

Pupils increase in confidence, independence and creativity, whilst developing literacy and oracy skills in their own language. Our teaching of French will allow our children to understand and respond to others through both speaking and writing.

KS2 children are enthused and excited about developing French language skills through lessons that incorporate games, songs, books and rhymes. In addition, opportunities are built in for pupils to engage, practise and embed French language skills using talk partners as well as whole class and independent activities.

The progression of foreign language learning skills through years 3 to 6 has been sequenced to provide an appropriate balance of spoken and written language by teaching the foundations of grammar and vocabulary which is read and can be written in sentences.

Our curriculum helps to develop confident life-long learners in preparation for further foreign language learning at key stage three.